Sunday, March 08, 2009

We won't be back until Spring

Another month, another mixtape, another set of silly love songs.

I've been running my mp3 player on random shuffle the past few weeks and I ended up jotting down the songs I really liked, and they were mostly the ones in this mix, although not in this order. It's another strange slow pace to this one - a whole novel rather than a short story, or maybe a film, but it's all there. The setting feels East-coast American and quite early 1970s.

One day I should write this, but for now you can listen to the soundtrack.

As usual, there's a few choice mp3s, and
you can download the whole piece below
if you'd like to do that.

  1. Tim Hardin - Shiloh Town
  2. Loudon Wainwright III - The man who couldn't cry mp3
  3. John Vanderslice - They won't let me run
  4. The Carter Family - No depression in Heaven
  5. The Leisure Society - A short weekend begins with longing mp3 website
  6. Funkadelic - Can you get to that?
  7. The Great Outdoors - Spring Flower
  8. David Ackles - One Night Stand
  9. Junip - Turn to the Assassin
  10. Bob Dylan - Ain't gonna go to hell (unreleased, live 1980) mp3
  11. Petra Haden - God only knows
  12. Tim Buckley - Happy Time
  13. P J Harvey - Oh my lover
  14. Jenny Lewis - You are what you love
  15. Cat Power - Don't blame you
  16. Jesper Norda - We have the guts mp3 website
  17. The White Stripes - We're bound to pack it up
  18. Ann Sexton - You've been gone too long
  19. Hiawatha Telephone Company - What's your move? mp3
Download the whole lot in a 99mb bundle of mp3s.
First 100 downloads, and then it's gone.
Get it here.


wastedpapiers said...

Interesting selection. I love that Tim Buckley track- i used to play that LP it came from to death when i first bought it. Happy Sad?

Jon said...

I'm always happy/sad, but this is the opening track from Blue Afternoon :)