Wednesday, January 05, 2011

20 albums from 2010

Last year was a great year for music. So many end-of-year best-of lists were full of albums that I never had chance to hear, but still sound worth investigating - so I just hope there's not too much released in 2011 so I might have a chance to catch up. Unlikely I suppose.

Ten albums I recall getting a lot of joy from this year, in no particular order, were

and other albums which have come close and deserve more time spent with them

  • Sharon Van Etten - Epic
  • Laura Marling - I speak because I can
  • Broken Bells - Broken Bells
  • Salter Cane - Sorrow listen here
  • Sat. Night Duets - One Night Only free download
And honourable mentions for these much loved albums shuffling just below
  • Andy Gaines - The More Things Change listen & name your price
  • The Great Park - If you can hold it you can throw it hear it, buy it mp3 Song for a coalman
          • The Climbers - The Good Ship (except the sing-along title track)
        • Joanna Newsom - Have one on me (for its ambition)
      • Edwyn Collins - Losing Sleep
    The Laylanas - Universal here

and a superb EP

  • Rowan Coupland - Thorns, Brambles, white water and Black Oak EP here

and a couple of excellent releases which came in limited on-line form in 2010, but have proper releases early in 2011

I'm sure there are others I've forgotten, and many more that were worthy but I never had the time to hear. Hard to believe that Sufjan Stevens and Belle & Sebastian's new albums didn't feature (I still haven't listened to them), or that I haven't heard the albums by Caitlin Rose, Nina Nastasia, Justin Townes Earle or the Tallest Man on Earth (although I loved his song the King of Spain). It's impossible to compile a definitive or even sensible list really, because it was impossible to listen to all the great music put out in 2010, but maybe something in this one will make you go and check out something new...

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