Saturday, January 15, 2011

Obscurely Bilious

Many years ago, I made a compilation of some of my favourite Bob Dylan songs entitled

Obscurely Bilious.

Most of the songs are hard-to-find ones, but every one a classic. I still think this compilation stands up well, and makes a good introduction to those who aren't sure they like Dylan or a welcome alternative for established Dylan fans looking for a different return to his music.

I thought it was time I posted it.


1. Yeah heavy and a bottle of bread* (1967, 1975) mp3
2. Up to me** (1974) mp3
3. I'll keep it with mine^ (1965) mp3
4. If not for you ~ (1970) mp3
5. Mixed up confusion$ (1962) mp3
6. Idiot wind (New York version)** (1974) mp3
7. Too much of nothing* (1967, 1975) mp3
8. Quinn the Eskimo ^ (1967) mp3
9. Can you please crawl out your window?$ (1965) mp3
10. Visions of Johanna (Live 1966) mp3
11. Tangled up in blue (Live 1976) ** mp3
12. The groom's still waiting at the altar (1981) mp3
13. Sitting on a barbed wire fence^ (1965) mp3
14. It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry ~ (1965) mp3
15. Seven curses^ (1963) mp3
16. Blind Willy McTell^ (1983) mp3

Right-click on 'mp3' and save each track


* Basement Tapes 1967, 1975
** Blood on the Tracks sessions 1974
^ Demos and outtakes
~ Official LP track
$ 45rpm single

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